Bill & Sharka Zoha

June 6th, 2008


Kelly and Tami Jones are talented, caring, highly-accomplished tennis professionals who can challenge and inspire junior players to achieve their goals. They understand that junior development is a “family” undertaking, which requires thoughtful planning and effective communication between a player, coach and parent. They set the bar high for players who come to train with them, and reward outstanding effort with an unmistakable sense of pride and warmth.

  We are delighted that our daughter Victoria has an opportunity to work with two of the finest coaches in the game.  


- Bill and Sharka Zoha




Shannon Smith

May 7, 2008






After just one weekend working with Kelly and Tami, our son learned skills that have already had a positive effect on his game.   Not only has his tennis game improved, but he learned to set goals for himself and keep a journal of his progress.   Kelly and Tami’s commitment to include the entire family in the training process made the time with them a pleasure.   We look forward to many more training sessions with this exceptional couple!



James Blake

Kelly Jones and Tami Whitlinger-Jones are two very accomplished tennis players. But they have impressed me even more with their ability to reach other players and help push younger players to reach their full potential. They have an understanding of the game, and combined with their knowledge of people and how to communicate best with everyone, makes the perfect combination for a coach or mentor. If I had kids, I would be excited to have Kelly and/or Tami work with that child and know that they are in great hands.

Steve & Sheila Bandy

Kelly and Tami,
I wanted to tell you how much value you have been to Sheila & I over the years guiding the development of all three Bandy boy's and us as parents. As parents of junior tournament player's, it is important to keep everything in perspective regarding the relationship you have with your children, the proper development of each child and of course, realistic goals. Your insight to tennis development for our kids is sometimes quite different from the local tennis pros. We appreciate your vast background not only in junior development, but also your college and professional experience.

Thank you for being such a huge resource and friend!

James E. Loehr, Ed.D.

Chairman & CEO, Human Performance Institute

I've known Kelly Jones for nearly 2 decades. I worked with him as a professional tennis player for several years and we've worked together in the context of his coaching players for many years.

Kelly is one of very few individuals who understand the multi-dimensional aspects of competitive tennis from both the perspective of player and world-class coach. He is a real student of the game and is always seeking to add new dimensions and skills to his competency.

Kelly brings a unique blend of intelligence, compassion, integrity and technical competence to the world of coaching. He possesses great emotional intelligence, tactical and technical skills and a very unique blend of toughness and inspiration.

His many successful years on the professional tour, both in singles and doubles, his experience as a national coach for the United States Tennis Association, and his many successful years of coaching experience with both juniors and playing professionals has helped him become one of this country's premiere coaches.

His professionalism, integrity, commitment and interpersonal effectiveness are simply unprecedented. He has my highest recommendation.

Justin Gimelstob

I have had the good fortune of working with Kelly Jones, and having worked with most of the notable coaches in tennis, I can honestly and easily say that he is one of the foremost experts in tennis coaching. Some coaches specialize in technique; others might be stronger in strategy or the mental aspects of the game. I feel a true coach is someone that can help a player excel in all areas, and I have met very few as good as Kelly. I thoroughly enjoyed his unique viewpoints on the game of tennis, enthusiasm for the sport and desire to see his students improve. It is a unique combination when you can find someone that has played and coached at the highest levels of the game, and Kelly has and continues to do just that.



Tom Fish

I had the privilege of getting to know Kelly Jones through his work with my son Mardy Fish. I believe Kelly to be the complete coaching package. His holistic approach includes cutting edge knowledge of stroke mechanics, movement and fitness, game point structure and sports psychology. He has a great ability to adapt to each individual player's needs. Kelly is an inspiring coach with a contagious enthusiasm for the game.



Devin F McCarthy

Thanks again for the valuable day you spent with Andrew and Devin!

My concern about how much more you could help them was quickly removed after just the 1st hour. The subtle changes, and revealing observations had an immediate positive effect on both of their games. From the technical assessment of their mechanics, to the discussion on balance & footwork and onto the strategy & tactics all proved helpful. The boys listened with great interest especially when you covered what it takes to compete and win against the best players in the world. Having you in our corner for the next 12 months will strengthen the help that we currently get from the top tennis pros here in Cincinnati. I'll be watching anxiously to see the impact that your goal setting and other "strategies for success" have on both Andrew and Devin's game in the months to come.