In Memory of Ryan Zochowski - Our First Family


This weekend-long program is specifically designed to reach the many out-of-town Families who are interested in achieving clarity and direction in a very complex sport. We help families change their mindset and create a completely different perspective in tennis and in their lives. Our goal is to empower the families with the best information available so they can make the b est decisions.

Tennis has changed so much over the past few decades, some good, some not so good. There is an over abundance of information about technique, proper training and conditioning. So how could this be a bad thing? First, teaching technique is really based on opinion and in most cases not on actual experience. Second, so much information has made every decision more complicated. For example, how many private lessons vs. how much practice time? What about group lessons? How much off court conditioning? How do focus on development within the point system structure? What kind of mental training techniques and methods to use? Is an academy right for my child? What and how many tournaments to play? What's more important ITF or USTA?

My years as a National Coach with the USTA gave me the opportunity to help families like yours develop clear plans and goals. Our experience as competitive players achieving success at every level enables us to give you the tools to create the best strategies for your family. When I began working with Mardy Fish I was committed to working with the family to build the best environment for him. My philosophy is to really know the player you must know the family dynamics.

We evaluate and analyze all areas of tennis skills and development. We spend the time needed off court to assess and address family guidance and establish specific responsibilities and roles. We will help develop practice and training programs at home and teach how to maximize time on the court.

Details (Typical): Saturday & Sunday

  • 4 Hrs O n-Court Training with Tami and Kelly (morning & afternoon)




  • Off Court Planning-TennisLMS

Family Guidance

Developmental Plan

Recording and tracking (Gap Assessments)

*Tournament Notebook



Family Involvement & Parental Guidance



  • What is everyone's roles
  • Non-negotiable responsibilities


  • Workbook
  • Taking ownership
  • Positive sportsmanship
  • Log book

Creating Positive Atmosphere

  • What do you want
  • Understanding Nature and nurture

Before & After Matches

  • Ask Questions!!!!!!!! (Game plan simplicity)
  • Did you write you goals (pre-match prep)
  • Routines before matches! (visualize, listen to music, swing tennis racquet)
  • Hanging out with friends before matches.


  • Focus on positive events
  • Matches can be very emotional. Let them go through a period of mourning. Give them a hug and or a smile and say letís go get some lunch. Always fill out Post-Match form before the next day.

During Matches

  • Watch for reoccurring themes such as; does focus wander? When frustrated is there a tendency to speed up; Mental let downs?
  • Make notes during matches when positive things happen
  • Point Tracker Analysis


  • Return On Investment (Big Picture)
  • Successful Habits/Character/Maturity/Responsibility/Socialization
  • Productive/Confident Individual
  • Solving Problems
  • Performance consistency=mental consistency


  • Pros
  • Cons


  • Best and Worst Match


  • Vision of self-image competing


  • Physical
  • Mental


  • Environment
  • Intensity of practice
  • Focus
  • Quality
  • Length

Tournaments vs. Matches

Physical training

Strategy & Tactics