Frequently Asked Questions

Who do we work with?

We will work with committed players of all abilities. It involves boys and girls and their families.

Where do we run the program?

During the school year our program is operated in Tampa, Florida and Appleton, Wisconsin during the summer months.
  • Tampa, FL - August 16th to Jun 15th
  • Appleton, WI - June 16th to August 15th

Will we do private lessons?

Yes. We have several players in our private lesson program.

Can I choose the Bronze Program and then upgrade to Silver/Gold?


How long is the program?

Our comprehensive program continues for an entire year. Your first visit with us will last between 7-8 hours.

Where will we stay?

If you need to stay overnight I will provide you with a list of local hotels and restaurants.

How do I sign up?

Call Kelly or Tami on the toll-free number 888-kjtennis.

What dates are available?

Call Kelly or Tami and find out if your specific date is available. We will make every effort to accommodate a date that is convenient for you. However, space in the program is limited.

Can I call you to get advice about a match?


How do I pay?

We will accept check, money order, or cashier's check.