Kelly Jones Tennis coaching program understands that each player and family will have different needs and goals. That is why we offer a variety of programs that are customized specifically to meet your needs.

Our individualized Tennis Program has been cultivated from over 30 years of successful playing, coaching and teaching experience. We understand the many challenges you face and will get you and your family on the fast track to developing the best possible strategies using our proven techniques.

There is no manual or cookie cutter approach to teach and guide your family in tennis development. Our programs can help you in all areas of development for an entire year while some of our private programs offer more individual attention. We will help bring clarity and direction in your tennis experience so you can concentrate on executing the plan rather than developing it. You will feel empowered when you begin to learn the strategies that successful families have been using for decades.

Why do so many players peak and plateau around 14 to 15 years old? It is often simply poor stroke production, lack of sound advice and without an individual tennis plan (your ITP). Without really good technique and a solid road map you will naturally lose confidence, motivation, enthusiasm and overall enjoyment of this great sport. As I was on my way to becoming the best player in the world in doubles and winning two ATP Singles Titles, it was repeatable stroke production and clear goals that gave me the inner confidence to overcome all the other great competitors. It was no different for Tami who became the top ranked Junior and Collegiate player and very successful WTA Pro player. We both had to make many changes and adjustments in our game to compete at the highest level. Let us help you target your specific problem areas that need improvement and provide the roadmap to your destination.

Our individual tennis plan will help you answer the difficult questions you face daily. Do I play USTA or ITF tournaments? What are college coaches looking for? How many tournaments should I play per year, per month? Which tournaments make the most sense for me? How many lessons should I take? How much practice time per week to stay on track? What age division should I play? Should I go to an academy? How much off court training should I work into my weekly schedule? How can I learn to be more mentally tough? The answer to all these kinds questions will create the comprehensive plan that you need to achieve your goals.

Key Program Features

  • Individualized tennis plan (ITP)
  • Stay at home program
  • One-on-one attention
  • Family mentoring
  • Use proven methods and techniques
  • Comprehensive technical analysis and evaluation
  • Strategies for sustained improvement
  • Player ownership advocate
  • Life skill development
  • Applying tactics and strategies
  • Mental skill development and preparation
  • Practice and training routines
  • Key stages of development

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