Web-Based Evaluations: “Geographically Unlimited”

EXCLUSIVELY at KellyJonesTennis:

We are proud to be the First to introduce the newest technology created by TennisLMS. TennisLMS is a web-based software program that will prove to revolutionize modern tennis development plans, technique evaluations, and tracking and recording progress.

We can now integrate TennisLMS with our Tennis Program to evaluate and analyze all fundamental areas including: movement, technique, strategy and tactics and mental awareness from “ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD”. Through our partnership with TennisLMS we NOW have the ability to bring our professional services to anyone who desires a thorough examination of their tennis game.



Reason #1
Get an independent evaluation from two former ATP & WTA Tour players who have excelled at every level as players and have coached top junior and Tour players. Kind of a second opinion from coaches that have no other motive than to give you the best advice. Find out if you have any limiting fundamental factors that may be holding you back or keep you from reaching your potential.

Reason #2
Our evaluation is designed to help you identify areas that need improvement and to assist player and coach in developing long-term growth.

Reason #3
Our evaluation of the player will be saved in our database at TennisLMS and can be used for future periodical assessments.

Reason #4
After initial evaluation, you can sign up for a more thorough examination of match analysis through video. We will evaluate all match statistics, strategy and tactics, shot selection, strengths and weakness, court demeanor and overall development.

Reason #5
Get immediate feedback today! You can get your evaluation from Kelly and Tami as soon as you upload the video (usually within 24hrs)



  1. You upload your recent video of either practice or a short clip of match into the TennisLMS website. (No need to download any software or have concern about compatibility because it is all integrated on the website).

    TennisLMS | Video Analysis
    Video Analysis have normal and slow motion mode and has unique comparison feature where players can compare their strokes against role model players or their own strokes over time. In this feature there is no need for expensive and complex installation of video analysis software – entire analysis is done through your Internet web browser.

  2. You will complete a few self-evaluation questionnaire form provided on the TennisLMS website.
  3. We will then evaluate and analyze the video, develop your profile from the feedback you provided and deliver to you a comprehensive assessment of your current status and help you develop plans for your future.

    Player Profile (Report Card)
    With one click of a button, players can view a summary of his/her current skills and view a real-time collection of coach feedback.



Send by mail a recent video of a match or practice.  

You will get:

  • One year membership to TennisLMS.com ($399 value)
  • Our evaluation, assessment and your video uploaded to your personal TennisLMS account
  • A thorough evaluation of your technique 
  • An assessment of your overall tactics, strategy, shot selection & court demeanor   
  • Plans for future development
  • Ability for future periodical assessments & evaluations  (additional cost)

Total Price Including 1 Year TennisLMS Membership: $499


Is the Web-Based Evaluation right for you?

Anyone, Junior or Adult, who desires a professional evaluation, feedback and direction is a perfect match. We are not limited by Geography any longer. We can help you at your home wherever you live. Our goal is to offer our vast experience and passion globally to those that understand the value of receiving guidance from Coaches that have been THERE!

*Visit TennisLMS.com for a full description of all services that can be provided.