Weekend Training Camps

Our weekend Training Camps are specifically designed for serious players who have the desire to maximize their potential by learning how to train and practice more effectively. Having excelled at every level, we understand the value and fundamental purpose of high quality practice, intensity and discipline for sustained improvement. This means becoming more productive and disciplined about organizing practice. We will teach the players and parents how to get more done in less time to foster improvement and avoid burnout. Positive tournament results are a direct result of quality, organized practice and training.

Maximizing on-court practice and training cannot be overlooked. Unproductive practice is not only a waste of time but is often counterproductive and can hinder improvement. Players and parents are often overly concerned with the amount of practice time and not necessarily the quality of the practice. Every level can learn something from watching and incorporating practice habits performed by professionals.

Are camps are not about changing strokes, technique or fundamentals in anyway. We will evaluate and assess each player with a TennisLMS "Report Card" that can be used to share with your coach and parent or keep it for yourself for future comparison. In addition, we invite parents and private coaches and local coach's to participate in the weekend long camp.

Weekend Training Camp Details:

  • Minimum of 8 Hours On-Court
  • Stardardized Fitness Test
  • Presentations for Players and Parents
  • Personal Tennis LMS “Report Card” and Evaluation from Kelly and Tami
  • Tournament Goal Notebook
  • Follow-up Advice


PRICE: $400 per player
(Multi-family discount available)

Please Contact Us for Information on Our Next Available Camp - 1 888 KJ TENNIS


Our goal is to provide a professional, non-threatening environment that will allow players to train together with clarity, purpose, intensity and fun. We create an atmosphere that stimulates motivation and the camps are conducive to a higher level of self-evaluation and learning. Players will have an opportunity to be on-court with Tami and Kelly to learn the drills and habits of the "Pros".

Standardized Fitness Test

We will conduct a test for each player’s fitness level using a standardized gauge for tennis players. This test will be recorded in the LMS “Report Card” to help determine areas of improvement and for future assessments.


Tami and Kelly will conduct presentations for both parents and players. Discussions will be covering topics such as player development and parental Guidance.


- Exclusively at Kelly JonesTennis!!! Introducing TennisLMS - the revolution in developing next tennis champions

TennisLMS is a revolutionary, innovative state of the art Internet based application which provides sophisticated method for creation of player profiles, identifying competencies and skill gaps, tracks development progress over time both on and off court.
TennisLMS is designed with coaches in mind to be an ultimate (coaches) tool that helps individuals, clubs and tennis associations to create unmatched short-term and long-term personalized development plans for all type of players while bringing back more quality and high performance players to the game.
TennisLMS for parents provides an easy access to player's achievements, goals, progress over time and coaches evaluations.

TennisLMS Major Features
Coach Feedback:
Coach Feedback is section where coach enters descriptions about player abilities, skills, technique etc. Some examples of this include: Goal Settings, Scheduling and Periodization; Long Term Vision; Strategy and Game Style; Tactics; Technical Development; Psychological Development & Physical Development

TennisLMS | Match Analysis
Match Analysis is a unique graphical presentation of how match progressed (game momentum). Through a unique color coded system, players and coaches can quickly understand the flow of the match and recognize service breaks, lost service games and more learning about player's game style.

TennisLMS | Point Analysis
TennisLMS has a PointTracker analysis module that captures all match details. You are able to record each point of the game by capturing your strokes (winners, errors, serve, return, forced and unforced errors etc.). A unique feature to this module is the ability to capture opponent's shots that affected your point outcome. This is a great tool for the recognition of opponent's patterns and tactics used in the game.

TennisLMS | Video Analysis
Video Analysis have normal and slow motion mode and has unique comparison feature where players can compare their strokes against role model players or their own strokes over time. In this feature there is no need for expensive and complex installation of video analysis software - entire analysis is done through your Internet web browser.

Player Profile (Report Card)
With one click of a button, players can view a summary of his/her current skills and view a real-time collection of coach feedback. The player profile printout may serve as a great starting point for regular one on one performance discussions between players and coaches.

Tournament Goal Notebook

This notebook will be used for setting goals each tournament played. Maximize your experience by setting goals that can be accomplished regardless of results. Preparation is everything in competition. The number one overlooked exercise before each match is setting pre-match goals. The second is the post- match analysis. We will show you how to be more successful by doing a little more work before and after matches with this notebook.

Follow-Up Advice

We will be available If you have any questions about the weekend Camp.